Most frequent questions and answers
  • Sugar paste is all natural and even edible!.
  • Wax contains many chemicals and additives.
  • Sugar paste is applied with a glove, and the paste will be used for the entirety of your appointment. The sugar paste will always be discarded after your appointment.
  • Wax is applied with a wooden applicator. The aesthetician must use a new stick for every application or the entire wax pot can become contaminated.
  • Sugar paste is removed in the natural direction of hair growth. This prevents her dramatically reduces the chance of breakage.
  • Wax is removed against the natural direction of hair growth, which easily breaks the hair creating ingrown hairs.
  • Your paste only adheres to here and dead skin cells, so there is no chance of burning or tearing skin, only exfoliating it.
  • Wax sticks to everything! This increases the chance of burning the skin or even tearing if the wax is removed incorrectly or heated to high.

For the best results, we encourage you to grow your hair out for a minimum of 10 days. The ideal length of your body hair should be at least the length of a grain of rice. After your first sugaring, it is best to wait four to six weeks between appointments.

Sugar paste it safe on all skin types even soon to be Moms! We have many clients we sugar before, during and after pregnancy. It is normal to feel a bit more sensitive than usual, but our professional sugarists are here to talk you through your entire appointment.

Not a problem at all! There is nothing we can’t Sugar around! We ask you to wear a fresh tampon and you can even take an Advil to take the edge off. If you are uncomfortable coming in during your period please call to reschedule your appointment.